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Your team needs to be paid the right amount on time. When they do, it's one less thing to complain about but when they don't, it can become a moral issue. It seems simple but the truth is many companies lack the skills, tools and experience to run smooth and efficient payroll, and when payroll does not run smoothly, significant time and energy can be wasted by all employees affected.

Why Should You Consider MYWave Payroll Outsourcing Services?


What You Should Expect from Our Payroll Outsource Service?

MYWave's approach to outsourcing payroll ensures accuracy, automation, and employee self-service.

Our aim with outsourcing payroll is to improve efficiencies and speed up problem resolution as and when issues occur.

Our outsource payroll is uniquely integrated into our cloud-based HR solution 'emplX'.

It means once you outsource payroll, you get good services, and a FREE Cloud HR System!

By integrating, we automate the information flow required for payroll, we enable employee self-service (ESS) and at the same time, we are able to offload the manual processes from your own employees and take care of them for you.

Our Payroll Outsourcing services are able to cater to just a handful of employees, Small Medium Enterprise (SME), and scale up to large enterprises and Multinational Corporations (MNC).

We handle:
  • Long term Payroll Outsourcing
  • Short-term / Ad hoc Payroll Outsource:
    • Backup during maternity or sick leave
    • Backup during company M&A transition
    • Backup during cease operations
    • Setup for start-up operations (statutory setup, pay policies)
Our Payroll Outsourcing Services include:
  • Handle basic to complex rules and calculation
  • Verification of attendance (through E-Time for multiple locations)
  • Confirmation of overtime hours (through E-OT)
  • Generate payroll reports for verification/approval from clients
  • Online bank text file (multiple banks)
  • Online fund transfer or payment submission (statutory)
  • Payroll and Statutory reporting for submission purposes
  • Generate GL file for finance usage
  • Generate E-Payslip and other related statutory reporting (if applicable)

emplX - Award-Winning HR & Payroll System

Our integrated HR & Payroll system, emplX, covers end-to-end transaction processing, from the point an employee is hired to the point employee leaves the company. All activities of an employee is captured in the system on real time basis, including employee self-service application of their attendance, overtime, leave, claim which will link directly to the payroll system, with minimum data entry. EmplX can integrate with various 3rd party system, namely Banks such as CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, OCBC bank, HSBC Bank, UOB Bank, CITI Bank, DBS Bank etc. Statutory Bodies, Financial System, CRM System, ERP System and many more, to ensure data exchange or transfer between system is also seamless.

What can emplX do for your business?

Emplx Icon 01

Employee Profile

The automated e-Employee Profile significantly reduces the administrative tasks of the HR personnel, enabling the HR to efficiently and effectively administer all employee data with reminders on important employee transactions and events. It also allows employee self-service to administer their own personal information, such as emergency contacts and addresses, anytime, anywhere.
Emplx Icon 02

E-Leave Management

Leave Management intuitively takes care of all types of leave planning and administration. It is highly configurable, with a multi-level of leave approval and leaves escalation features. It allows auto-computation of leave entitlement, leave encashment, leave carry-forwards, cross-year leave handling and leave balances. Employee self-service allows leave application submission and inquiries on leave approval statuses and leave balances.
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E-Overtime Management

It has a display of actual time recorded which is a great help for managers during the approval stage. It also allows the option of converting overtime into replacement leave instead of payment in cash. There are optional features that can be turned on such as pre-plan overtime before work is being performed and auto-propose overtime hours for approval based on predefined criteria.
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E-Time Management (Attendance)

This is the most frequently used module in the entire EMPLX as it integrates the attendance from the time clock solution (time reader, bio-metric device), with overtime and leave modules and provides user-friendly self-services for viewing, editing, approving, and reporting. It allows user-definable shift patterns and schedules for different employee groups and provides a report of differences between scheduled and actual for further action.
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E-Claim Management

It has the built-in intelligence to perform complex validation checks such as claim eligibility, claim limits, claim approvals, claim validity dates and claim payment rules. It allows multi-level claim approval, multi-currency and multiple claim submissions, and employee self-service for claim submission and inquiry on claim limit and approval status.
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E-Payroll System

Our payroll system integrates with all the monetary HR-related modules such as time management for the deduction due to absenteeism, overtime management for the approved extra hours done, leave management for the deduction of no-pay leave, and claim management for the approved claim reimbursements.

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